Inhouse to Outhouse – 10 Things I Won’t Miss About My Last Marketing Job

cher_goodbye_girlNicNac is calling me out: “What Happened Here?!” and “Let’s Start Over!” Pretty good timing actually because I’ve been doing a lot of starting over recently.  Prepare to maneuver to the edge of your seat, here is my story.

I guess it all started when the finance company I worked for was bought over and went into administration back in 2008. (It was a mortgage broker on the cusp of the biggest recession the UK had seen in 60 years, what did I expect?). It was a cozy existance until then, I was happily cruising along, pay per clicking, sem’ing on a team of 6 in the Marketing department, with Nic sitting opposite me.

Soon after, the company began a wave of restructuring and with it, redundancies. At this point, Nic made a bold (and genius) move to pursue our Internet Marketing Company SEOcials. Eventually our team of 6 went down to 1, me, and the Internet marketing aspect of my role ground to a halt. No time for SEM when there are leads to buy and contact attempts to monitor, management meetings to attend and grievence hearings to avoid, you get the picture.

Enter last month… one more redundancy. It was me! How could they right?! Um, they were still a mortgage broker battling through the remains of the recession. But who was going to buy leads in, provide comedy relief during management meetings, ensure the company made it through these tough times (well, you get the picture). My answer? Anyone but me!

Shock and redundancy payment over and I am not looking back! SEOcials or Bust!

I think we’ve all read the heavily documented In-house SEM vs. Using an Agency so I won’t waste our time…. on that. However, I would like to waste a bit of my time by listing 10 Things I Personally Won’t Miss about working for the above mentioned finance company. Afterall, in the end this blog is about Nic n Cher, hear me roar.

10 Things I Won’t Miss…

  1. Nipple Rings – on display in the office. I don’t care if plaid is on trend and your shirt is all snaps, keep it to yourself.
  2. Bum Cracks and Calvins – (Aimed generally at the under 30′s in the office) As much as you may think wearing your jeans around your crotch and your underwear at your bellybutton is attractive, it’s not, and I’m guessing it also doesn’t help you answer the phone any faster either.
  3. Fungal Fridge & Bachelor Pad Kitchen – I’m not your mother, take responsibility for something around here and clean up your own mess. P.S. while you’re taking responsibility for something, why don’t you call your clients on time as well? Just sayin…
  4. Manager Love In’s – I would punch my husband in the throat if he made me talk about my feelings, never mind colleagues who have nipple rings, low riders and an unhealthy tendency to cuddle. This is an office, not an anti-war protest at MTV.
  5. Grievances – Cry me a river and get on with your below standard work.
  6. Blame Game – Nobody likes the blame game. Fess up already, it doesn’t matter what excuse you come up with, we all know it wasn’t us.
  7. Ego-stroking – If someone is actually going to stroke your ego, take it with thanks as it will probably never happen again. If you are thinking of stroking your own ego…again, you looked like an idiot the first time, best not to do it.
  8. Working with Unskilled Drinkers and Dancers – Ping Pang Poo, I like to drink at my own pace, which is faster than you anyway and coffee-grinders are the gateway to a good time! You’re young; you have jobs, give it a shot!
  9. Not Being Able to do My Job – I am an Internet Marketer, this means that I am not just hangin’ out on Facebook and Twitter, it’s called social media marketing, someone should tell the marketing agency that ‘replaced’ me.
  10. Speakers & Monitor – I won’t miss them because I took them with me.

Moving forward, look to this blog for the honest and animated opinions of Nic n Cher in anything and everything. Regurgitating SEM Industry news worked it the noughties but it’s time for a change. Let’s start over!


  1. monica August 24, 2010 at 9:24 am

    I’ve been working since May in the same place you’ve been running from! XD

  2. Nick Stamoulis August 25, 2010 at 7:40 am

    Good Luck, and thanks for this witty post! I would have to say, these are the reasons many go out on there own and start over. Although taking that leap is a difficult one, in the long run you’ll find it the more rewarding solution.

  3. Cher September 1, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    Thanks for the comments. Yep, it sure has been a difficult leap but am keepin on truckin!

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