Love to Laugh Out Loud

I do love it when I come across sites which make me actually laugh out loud in an empty room with no one to hear me.

I am currently in the market for a top of range super dooper SLR Digital Camera,  so as an internet professional the only place to go for reveiws and comparisons is the web, naturally.  So it starts like every other search and I systematically go through the engine’s results.  Then I get to Video Jug, I know this site has been around for a while but I haven’t really paid much attention to it, until today. I do like this style of product review and I did watch the full 8 minutes 49 seconds cause this is what I am interested in and I am in the market to buy.

OK but then I get side tracked with all the relevant search items and related videos and other interesting looking categories, so now I am lost in Video Jug.  2 hours later I emerge full of mostly worthless info but what a laugh I had to myself, I did occasionally send links to Cher for a shared laugh but for the most part I just followed link after link and watched video after video.  It was great, please see below a few of my favs, I hope you like them:

So my evening of looking at reviews of SLR Digital Cameras, didn’t really go as planned, I’ll be back on the research tomorrow for my new camera.

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