National High Five Day….Was Yesterday!

Check us on the ball…  The one day we can undoubtedly promote High Five Grab and Shake and, we miss it!  What the…

For those of you that are interested and aren’t tired of hearing about High Five Grab and Shakes, here’s the gist:

High Five Grab and Shake takes you on a journey of High Fives and variations there of.  It also covers at length our obscure take on the gesture: Whereas High Fives are a recognised symbol of celebration, the over zealousness of the added grab and the shake makes us feel uncomfortable…  More explanation on the site.

Not only is it informational, it also has personal significance, a brainchild of one of our annual SES NY trips, it represents the good times and good friends we met that year in New York Effin City. You know who you are kidlets, I hope we can replicate soon!

Even though National High Five Day is over, don’t let that stop you! Go on, get out there and High Five Grab and Shake someone, just don’t do it around us…

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