Nic n Cher Unlikely Cheerleaders?

Norberry RingetteWow, I am soooo far behind in my response to Julie’s tag on SEO Chicks asking other SEO Chickies what they were like in high school, including pics.

Better late than never!

It turns out though that when I left home, I left all my high school pics there! All I’ve got on the laptop here is this little number of me a year or two before high school (that I’ve already actually used on the blog…)

In case you didn’t get it by the pic, I wasn’t as much a geek then as I was a jock. 

Full on geek now, still workin’ hard at being a jock and I guess a bit of a cheerleader…

  • When I say Go you say Fight! Go! Fight! Go! Fight!
  • When I say Win you say Tonight! Win! Tonight! Win! Tonight!
  • When I say Boogie you say Down! Boogie! Down! Boogie! Down!
  • When I say All you say Right! All! Right! All! Right!
  •  Go fight, win tonight, boogie on down, all right, all right!

Too much?

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