Nic n Cher’s Monthly Trivia Challenge – October 07

October 2007 is Beer Trivia Month beer

  1. What beer is ‘the beer out here’?
  2. What is the Most Expensive Beer in the World?
  3. What country has the most individual beer brands?
  4. From what part of brewing did the term “rule of thumb” originate?
  5. Who was the first American to brew lager type beer?
  6. What is Cenosillicaphobia the fear of?
  7. What is brew master in Latin?
  8. Explain the roots of the Scandinavian toast, sköl.
  9. What king is known as the “patron saint of beer?”
  10. What was the length of Prohibition? 
  11. What is the best selling brand in the Western Hemisphere outside of the United States? What country is it brewed in?
  12. What is the world’s strongest beer?
  13. What state has the highest rate of alcoholism?
  14. Which city hosts the outrageous festival of excessive beer drinking known as Oktoberfest? What month sees the launch?
  15. Which beer is the ‘King of Beers’?
  16. What beer slogan is ‘Tastes Great. Less Filling.’?
  17. What beer do the slogans ‘Out of the darkness comes light’ and ‘The most natural thing in the world’ belong to?
  18. The name of the ‘National’ beer of the United States is the world famous ‘Budweiser’. What other country produces its own ‘Budweiser’, known as ‘Budvar’?
  19. What beer has the slogan ‘It can’t get any better than this.’?
  20. What year was the first beer can produced?
  21. Bottle caps or ‘crowns’ were invented in what year? Bonus: Who
  22. In what year was the Fort Gary Brewing Company resurrected? (It was bought by Molson in the 60’s)
  23. How many beers are in a keg?
  24. What beer is brewed in Glasgow?


Come on everyone this is just for fun and we will do a full write up on the winner and runners up. 

(please email your answers to “trivia at nicncher dot com”)


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