The Best Search Term of 2007 Goes to…..

I was looking through some of the search terms used this year which resulted in a visit to nicncher. There were some crazy ones, including the already written about Hairy Cow and Animal Testicle. Cher you are in tights - yeah you are

Then I came across this one, it was a doozie.

The images this one search term conjured up in my head were so good I just had to recreate it for you all to see.

The search term is “Cher in Tights” so if that searcher is still in the market for that image here you go… Cher you’ve been photo shopped …. (I owe you one, but it was just too funny).

You are looking good though. Well done, you’re hawt



  1. Cher December 30, 2007 at 7:03 pm

    Yep, that’s me! Just a regular night out in Glasgow! We’re all class up here.

    Um, that black lace is doing nothing for me…lesson learned.

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