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I love reading, online or offline however I do find nothing more frustrating than reading a magazine or book about the  internet, SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media, top 10 sites to visit, anything at all when I can’t click the links…. dammit.

webuserI want to click those damn links and get fast access to whatever they are talking about.  I don’t wanna have to retype domains.  Nightmare.

I know you all feel the same way. In this industry we are all used to getting access to whatever we want fast, its just a click away, right, so when we resort back to the old fashioned way of getting the info it just slows you down.

Now I read this mag religiously every fortnight, but hardly ever visit their site, shame on me.  Their offline mag is easy to read and gets straight to the point.   But while I was online browsing today I found Webuser’s ONLINE magazine.   Every magazine in the world needs this, not just the industry related ones, I was impressed.

 So now I have found the online version I am overjoyed.  I will be clicking all over this mag, no need to type in the URL’s anymore.  Think of the time saved, and it is cheaper than subscribing to the offline magazine aaaaannnnndd I will be doing my bit for the trees.

Anyway just a quick High Five Grab and Shake to the guys at WebUser, loving your mag.


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