Landing Pages in a Quality Score World

So what happens when the big dog, who is footing the adwords bill, is all “Beat the quality in Google…the ads…uh…. I want to show up for that keyword!” and your head, which is backed up by SES NY speakers is saying “Ignore the Score!”…..

Hmmm, a real conundrum. My solution, is a list of course!

This is what I need to apply to my landing pages in a quality score world:

  1. Authenticate your site by openly sharing information about your business
  2. Provide links to your home page, privacy policy, about us, contact us, terms & conditions, and be upfront about what your company offers.
  3. Develop easy navigation – Clear path to ‘purchase’, prominent call to action, no pop ups or unders, and allow back button functionality.
  4. Provide revelant content – Your landing page should be the most relevant page to the products/services in the ad and the keywords purchased.
  5. Provide unique and valuable content – Content is less valuable if is it similar or very close to content from another site.
  6. What are your company’s unique selling points – tell your own story here.
  7. Include minimal sponsored links – avoid altogether if possible. If they are essential make sure all are labled as sponsored links.

If you do all of these things, life will be rosy again in no time…. Don’t let the man get you down.


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