Navigation in a Quality Score World

So you’re not exactly subscribing to the old ‘Ignore the Score’ philosophy, but you don’t have time to trudge through all Google Guidelines, blogs on Quality Score, podcasts, newsletters, and the like. Your one problem remains… you’ve been Google Slapped and now you need to get out your knuckle dusters…. I can help.

How do you defend against a sucker punch? I covered five important elements to your Adwords strategy on NicnCher in May. Now, already JULY! I am going to elaborate on one: Developing Easy Navigation.

Navigation is the key to turning visitors into customers. The most important thing to realise is that you must know your visitor so you can point them to the correct landing page, ie the landing page that is closest to where they are in the buying cycle. You don’t want to pay to bring a tire-kicker into your bare essentials ‘Buy Now’ page only to have them leave because they are looking for more information on your product. These visitors should be sent to more informative page full of relevant content and links to other areas of your site that elaborate more on your product. A ‘Buy Now’ page only has the bare necessities, links to your business authenticating pages ie contact us, privacy policy, etc, minimal content, a big Hey Baby Call to Action and that’s about it.

Calls to action can be anything from ‘Submit Form’, ‘Add to Shopping Cart’, or ‘Get Your Free Gift’, whatever the case, make it big and beautiful, large and in charge, you get the picture. Remember, it’s your ultimate goal, it needs to be seen. You can also include mini calls to action throughout your content on the page as well. Don’t over to it though, one or two will do the trick.

Please also keep in mind that Google does have some pretty clear restrictions you should not ignore. Basically, no pop ups or pop unders and no altering browser functionality without permission.

For an even more in depth explanation on Landing Page Navigation, check out this article on… Yeah I wrote it, but the world does revolve around me. So….

Also if you feel there are other points I should have addressed regarding Landing Page Navigation, please let me know. I have been wrong once or twice before….



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