Top 10 Pay Per Click Mistakes

We’ve all made them, admit it! Even the most experienced PPC marketers stumble once in awhile.  Not to mention those just starting out or thinking of expanding their campaigns. However, don’t be discouraged, here are 10 common errors that if avoided should keep you ahead of the game! It must be your lucky day…

  1. Not allocating enough time for campaign management – My biggest problem at the moment. Please don’t think you can set up a pay per click account and just let it run. Love it and Leave it tactics do not work!
  2. Not tracking your results properly – No excuses here anymore (unless it’s the time thing mentioned above of course), Google Analytics is a free tool that can provide any pay per clicker with standard tracking…and it’s free! Not to mention that most search engines now offer conversion tracking which allows you to track your return on investment.
  3. Using your home page as your landing page – This is still happening! People, please use product specific landing pages.
  4. Not using your keyword in your ad Headline – and if possible in your ad copy. Just pure logic, if the searcher sees what they have searched for there is a better chance they will click.  Even better when you take that keyword right onto your landing page!
  5. Not taking advantage of your display url – When you are limited to 70 characters, each one is Gold! Your display url does not have to match exactly with you destination url, as long as you have the same domain.  For example if you destination url is your display url can still read:  Remember if the searched keyword is in your ad copy, it will be bolded out, even if it’s in the display url.
  6. Not using negative keywords – This one is very straight forward but again is over-looked time and again. If you don’t want an ad to show up for a specific keyword search add it as a negative. This is extremely important if you are using broad match.
  7. Setting your daily budget too low – This is often the problem if your ads aren’t showing. If you have opted to spend your budget over the course of the day, the search engine will spread out how times you will get shown depending on your budget and maximum cpc. If it’s too low, you won’t show all day.
  8. Going too low with your initial bids – I always tend to bid a bit higher with my initial bids (on Google and now Yahoo) as quality score plays a part in determining when you are served and in what position. In order to get a good quality score you need quality traffic. If you are confident with your ads and landing pages, bidding high will give you the positions needed to build a good quality score, eventually resulting in good positioning for less per click.
  9. Be strong, don’t be tempted to join in bidding wars – especially on Big Dog keywords! These are general keywords, usually one or two word searches such as ‘loans’, ’insurance’, ’credit cards’, etc. These types of terms are highly targeted by arbitragers and usually drain budgets.
  10. Know the difference between research keywords and buying keywords – target your campaigns accordingly.

Watch this space for a Top 10 Pay Per Click To Do List!

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  1. ppc formula March 25, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place

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