Analytical Momentum – It’s a beautiful thing

Have you ever had one of those moments where you read a post and….epiphany!

As you can imagine, that was me today. I read Web Reporting or Web Analytics? on ClickZ. Fell in love with the term ‘analytical momentum’ which illustrates how easy or hard analysis can be based on the number of hurdles that are put in your way. The more obstacles, the less momentum, and therefore less learned. Am feelin’ this pain…a lot.

The second part of the article addresses the time consumption involved in analysis compared to reporting. Reporting is like me taking the 17:28 train home from work; same old, I know where I’m going, I know what the basic result will be, no surprises. On the other hand, if I miss the 17:28, I am analysis, all hell breaks loose and who knows where I am going to end up and when! A little much?

The point is that reporting is important to realise your goals, however, analysis is important to realise that there may be other goals out there that you are not addressing. Reporting is predictive, I know that train is going to get me home…. Analysis is a path of discovery; I may find a better route. Gettin’ it?

Anyway, once I’d read the article and felt that someone had ‘moved’ me, I realised that it was a ‘sponsored article’…. and there’s me, Hook, Line and Sinker. For someone who lives to avoid the pitch, I sure fell for this litle dousie. Touche, I’ll be calling Omiture in the morning…


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