Most Popular Nic n Cher Posts of 2007

As the end of the year approaches, Nic n Cher have taken an inventory of all that has been accomplished in 2007. We began the year strong! Well, there were no posts in January and February, but in our defence, we both had big birthdays we needed to battle through and from what I remember we were both broken for a few weeks… But other than that, there has been one constant theme throughout…

We’ve been busy! (And not just with all of our tours!)

Here are our most visited pages in 2007:

  1. 6 Easy Steps to a Great PPC Landing Page - only recent but still a big hit!
  2. Research Your Blog Community – Do It! - tool of the trade
  3. How Nic n Cher Got WordPressed - live and learn
  4. Social Networking - Too Much Time Spent Online? - never
  5. Top 10 Pay Per Click Mistakes - don’t make em!
  6. Landing Pages in a Quality Score World - the do’s and don’t
  7. Love the Challenge, Don’t forget the Online Research! - Scottish facts you never knew
  8. When is Traffic Just Not Enough?
  9. Navigation in a Quality Score World - don’t make em think!
  10. Top 5 List of Affiliate Marketing Forums - revenue gold
  11. Bonus! SES NY 2007 Survivors - long strange one..

Packed full of SEM goodness… enjoy!


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