The Best Ever Project… .com

The Ever Project - Build a web page in seconds just by choosing a superlative, (my favorite is phattest, but it should probably be crankiest lately…) and your keyword (what you want your page to be about). Then hit the big old GO button. 

It’s all pretty straight forward. The only thing I noticed, is that once you hit the GO button and you change your mind or what to search another combo for your page, you can’t go back, and the page hasn’t opened in a new window so you have to refresh the page.  Hmm, just for that I’m am going to go sort myself with the ‘most.anal.ever’ page, oh wait, it has to be an ‘iest’….

Anyway, launched by Squidoo, the Ever Project promotes consumer build content and matches it with favorable urls. Ohhh, and it’s free!

So, if you’re the coolest.mofo.ever. or the sharpest.tool.ever, or whatever, tell the online world about it, and make it good causee you could even earn yourself some extra dosh.

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