Top 6 Reasons Why Working 3000 Miles Apart is a Success

With myself based in Glasgow and with Cher going between Winnipeg and Glasgow up to 3 times a year Nic n Cher are frequently separated by 3000 miles. Although these times can be tough we suffer little or no down time in our work.

Below are the top 6 reasons why in this day and age, distance is really no barrier in an online industry.

1.With the ability to talk, chat and conference via MSN Messenger, AIM, GoogleTalk, Skype etc. at no cost, it really does close the distance, we do kinda find ourselves chatting and brainstorming more often sometimes producing better / faster results.

2. Google Docs allows us to collaborate on all documents, spreads or presentations without the fear of missing an update via email or overwriting an existing file. (One of my favorite improvements of last year).

3. We cover more of the day, while Cher is in Canada and I am here there is only about 3 hours of the day where one of us is not working, 24 hour Nic n Cher.

4. You instinctively feel the need to up your game as you MUST not let the distance reduce your normal work rate. We almost always over compensate when we are apart.

5. Getting back on the same soil is a great motivator and when the separation ends we are charged and ready to work hard.

6. Of course, it’s not all work… we do find time to keep each other entertained and up to date on our shinanigans outwith Nic n Cher with our Flickr accounts… Here is Cher’s account, just in case you have missed this one. Really proving to be invaluable.



  1. Squirrel Blanks January 29, 2008 at 8:23 pm

    Hi Cher,

    I got distracted by your (very good) blog, and by the time I returned to the chat you were gone.

    We work separately and here are a couple of our favourite tips…

    (i) we got frustrated by a few of Google Docs’ limitations, so we recently started using Microsoft Groove to effectively create a “company” shared folder. It works great. After setting it all up, I discovered that Microsoft’s free FolderShare apparently does the same thing.

    (ii) GoToMeeting is brilliant for screensharing

    We never to have to see each other’s hideous faces again!

    Anyway, nice meeting you. See you at SES London hopefully.


  2. Cher January 31, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    Hey Karl. Thanks for the tips! Glad you enjoyed the blog. Have a beer for us as SES!

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