Woman in Search – Are you sure? Do they know what they are doing?

After attending SES NY for the second time in three years I realised that woman in search and online marketing hasn’t really grown in the way I expected.

Two years ago I would estimate the woman in attendance was about 7% of the overall audience and now in 2007 I would peg it at about 11%. Not much growth eh.. for a growing sector.

You may ask why am I complaining I now have two hooks, 1. I am a female in a male dominated sector and 2. I have an accent in a US dominated sector. “Link Bait” lol.

I attended two seminars at SES NY 2007 where Shari was speaking. Her topics were geared at the technical side of online marketing, she is flying the flag for woman in search, I was inspired, can you tell. And, after reading Shari Thurow’s article in ClickZ today I can totally understand where her thoughts are coming from. I too have two sides to my brain, I think it’s a female trick. Don’t tell the men.

Anyway back to the subject, when I attend meetings or am in a networking arena the technical side of the business is always male dominated. Where are all the female techies? I would like for just once to attend a conference, seminar, meeting, dinner where the Technical Team I am meeting are woman, all super nerdy and they are spouting the geekyist chat you have ever heard but they are making total sense.

I know I have probably just descibed most geeky / techy mans fantasy but hey this would be a refreshing change for me.

So ladies, all the ladies…. louder now. Talk up your technical chat and dont be scared to out smart those geeky guys with your knowledge on SEO and new tricks of the trade. And also next year at SES lets try and get those numbers to at least 20%. Me and Cher are getting bored hoggin all the chat with the cool guys (BTW there is more where that came from).


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