Hunch n Cher – (Nic on Holiday)

question_markIt seems someone has created a website to solve all my problems! Hunch is my new BFF, therapist, personal shopper, boss, priest, mortgage advisor… You get the picture.

Having probably read my post ‘Why Am I So Indecisive?‘, the team over at Hunch have created a practical decision making engine to put an end to the unscientific coin flipping and eeni meeni miny mo methods.

Based on the theory of using collective knowledge for decision making, the idea behind Hunch is that the more people that use it and contribute information by answering questions, the more accurate the engine will be. I don’t do the algorithm justice, so here’s the full story: How Hunch Work

Anyway, I’m off to find out if I should resurrect my doc martens. Let me know what you get a hunch on!

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