Is this a Social Media Success or….

do we just like to jump on the bandwagon cause its cool?

As usual this evening I was listening to Chris Evan’s Drive Time on BBC Radio 2 (love that show BTW), when the business news started, I was pleasantly surprised to find the top story was about “Social Media” on prime air time, wow…..

The story was congratulating the social media groups for technically badgering Cadbury into bringing back the Wispa Bar (it was the velvety smooth one in the 80′s & 90′s). This is a major success for the social sites.

It appears the main bullying has happened on MySpace and Facebook which has resulted in thousands of people creating the “Bring Back Wispa” group. Due to this massive response Cabdbury’s has actually agreed to put this bar back into production.

Have they not realised the main reason the Wispa Bar was taken out of production was because it wasn’t selling as well as, say the Crunchie, Dairy Milk or even the Flake.

However now that Cadbury has bowed down to this form of lobbying, do you think they have asked themselves will all these campaigners stay behind Cadbury and ensure the Wispa will be a success, second time around.

BUT WAIT – what if the majority of these voters have just joined and voted cause they were following the mass, maybe they just liked a good campaign, woooppss Cadbury’s. No matter, I suppose there will be a ton of PR for them out of it and that will increase their sales across the board anyway as a result, hey wait a minute, who started that “Bully Group”…. something smells funny…. I am way to suspicious. Linkeasy anyone?

Hope it works out for you guys at Cadbury’s.

This was no flash in the pan choccy bar it was heavily endorsed by major UK celeb’s BTW, check out the video.


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