Keep Your Friends Close Your Enemies Closer?

This is the premise of a new ‘anti social network’ called Farcebook. Much like it’s predecessor, Hatebook, this network is the opposite of Facebook. (Hmm, stating the obvious seems to be my specialty this week…)

Quoted in WebUser, Farcebook’s founders, software engineers Christopher Myers and Justin Davis state “the idea was that by turning the social network upside down, we might convince people to reevaluate the role of social networks in their lives”.

Of course there are still those of us out there that don’t feel a re-evaluation is needed either because one, we have a handle on our ‘wasted’ time or two, we have absolutely no enemies….

It seems that my old boyfriend Rick Astley is not fairing as well, although he is only second on the most hated list, he is top marks for stabs with 2809! To put it into perspective, Hilary Clinton only has 235 stabs and Bill Gates only 179.

Christopher and Justin are looking for a big payout much like Facebook’s price tag of $15b and Bebo‘s £450m but, I think there’s a better chance of me topping the hated list. I can be pretty nasty!

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