Laptops vs Flipflops: Social Networks Still on the Up

Contrary to popular belief, I have not traded in my laptop for flipflops! As much as I would like too…. Despite temperatures here above 30 for the most part, I still look as though I’ve been tanning inside a flour sac! I need to check myself btw…

The truth behind the lack of action on NicnCher this month is that we’ve been crazy busy, working!

I guess I haven’t been tooooo busy as I have managed to dapple a bit more into the social networking scene, and I don’t mean becoming a Facebook addict! I’ve spent a bit of time researching and reviewing some new up and comers over on HybridSem. Namely, Pownce, Twitter and Sphinn.

They all have unique attributes but I keep coming back to that same old question… Is there room out there for another Social Networking Venue? What are your thoughts and where are you being social, or anti-social?


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