When is Traffic Just Not Enough?

1. When you are not making money from it!

Of course that is the standard answer from any affiliate marketer.

However, I think we can all agree that although it usually is money, it’s the overall return on investment; whether it’s email addresses, newsletter sign ups, returning visitor volumes, etc is where the problem exists if they don’t increase with a jump in traffic.

My second question, and I may be stirring it up slightly, which is so unlike me….

How valuable is traffic from social media and bookmarking websites?

Surely those of us faithfully using Digg, Del.icio.us, etc are onto the whole Google Adsense thing and are therefore not clicking on the ads. It might be different if instead of digging an interesting article, the masses lurking within these communities voted by clicking on a site’s weak (par for the course, but weak), attempt at monetization…..Adsense.

Yeah, you’ve worked hard here, I like this article, I’ll contribute 50% of whatever this guy is paying Google to advertise on your site by clicking the ad. Well Done!

Don’t get me wrong, social bookmarking and other social media websites have definitely created a whole new element to online communities and I Love Them! My point is they may not be the best avenue for getting the most out of your online business.

Back to the original question… When is Traffic Just Not Enough? Que real answer….

2. When it crashes your website, your host, and 200 other sites on the server!

Forget my gibberish above, this is the definition of when traffic is just not enough…. Good luck Dempster, looking forward to the come back post (please don’t tell me that just before your site crashed everyone clicked on your ads and you made a cool mil).

Of course, these are just my humble opinions based upon my own online experience and…. inexperince.

Jon over at aojon has an interesting post on Gaming Digg. It’s related and as always a wee bit on the controvertial side….

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