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Flipflops vs Laptops… Round 2

Flipflops 1 – Laptops No Score! I don’t know about you but when the sun shines in Glasgow…. you go outside. And that is my reason ...

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Check it Out! New Blogging Competition!

Our friend Loren Baker over at Search Engine Journal has broken news of their new Blogging Competition! Lots of reasons why this is a winner!  First and ...

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You Blog? What’s Your Fave Christmas Gift?

Yeah, yeah, this isn’t a post about your favorite blogging tools, systems, tricks, etc.  I don’t necessarily want to see ‘the Flickr plugin for WordPress’ ...

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Research Your Blog Community – Do It!

No point blogging blind people! Remember, you are posting in an effort to interact with your readers and fellow bloggers in your industry.  Whether you ...

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Cher on Effin Montreal?!

On location in Montreal, this is me live blogging! Although, I wish I was covering something a bit more relevant, interesting, festive… On my journey ...

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Blog Action Day!……Uh, was yesterday.

Good thing for you every day here at Nic n Cher is Blog Action Day! …..betcha didn’t see that one coming. In honor of it, ...

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