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Google UK Allows Gambling Ads – All In!

Fill your boots! Whoa, that was definitely arbitrage Cher there circa 2005. Let’s start again… SearchEngineLand is reporting that Adwords has lifted it’s ban on ...

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How Well Does Google Know Nic?

So, if you are an old school NNC fan, you’ll remember when we started, our AdSense ads were solely for tickets to Cher concerts. It ...

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The PR Rollercoaster is Now Over

Wow what a hectic time that was, can you believe a wee green bar caused so much commotion on the net. In this industry we ...

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The Forbes 400 –

So, Brin & Page have broken the top 5 in the Forbes 400 rich list. I guess that’s me down to number 6 then… I’m ...

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Adwords Live Support – Anyone Available? Ever?

Has anyone experienced the Live Support? Or ever actually seen an Adwords Specialist available? Anyone?………….Anyone? Cher Related PostsGoogle Adwords PhilosophyThere you have it, Google has ...

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Love Adwords Editor, But Love Cross Campaign Tools More!

That is what I get for spreading the love… Can’t I just have my cake and eat it to, for once! Yeah, the adwords editor ...

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