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Pros & Cons of Content Management Systems – Chumps or Champs?

Yes, we have experience using Content Management Systems, both good and bad.  As you can imagine, I am having a bit of a bad experience ...

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Late Payments? Are SEM’s Getting ‘Even’ Online?

So, what do you do when you’ve done the work, you’ve issued the bill, (awhile ago) and… no payment! First thing’s first, make a mental ...

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Note to Venetian: England is not THE UK

The Venetian is holding court in the moan throan tonight! As we are attending the PurposeInc Poker Tournament, graciously hosted at the Venetian, we were ...

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Moan Throne – Holding court at SES NY

Oh no, I came across this post today on the searchenginewatch blog entitled Moaning at the Bar, I have to admit a few rather alarming ...

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