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Pubcon London – Back to Basics

In the run-up to Vegas, Pubcon has announced Pubcon London! On hold since 2005, Pubcon London has been given new life! It’s back to basics and ...

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BOTW Gave It Away – Pubcon Vegas

True to their promise, the gang at Best of the Web gave away $10,000 (£2 in our money) on the expo floor at Pubcon Vegas ...

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Spamalot, Laughalot – Pretty original eh?

Cheeziness aside, Nic n I attended an event organised by Joe Morin – Blogger’s Night Out on Monday night at the Wynn.  As always, it ...

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Note to Venetian: England is not THE UK

The Venetian is holding court in the moan throan tonight! As we are attending the PurposeInc Poker Tournament, graciously hosted at the Venetian, we were ...

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SEO Poker Tournament – Venetian Hotel

I am all signed up and ready to play. BUT I have noticed there is a serious lack of lady players signed up to take ...

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SEO Poker Tournament – Pubcon Stylie

Or is it a Vegas Poker Tournament – SEO Stylie… Either way, it sounds like the best ‘unofficial’ Pubcon event going! Great way for NNC ...

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