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Countin’ ‘Er Down… to ThinkTank!

Hmm, I guess that title implies Nic n I are attending… Sorry, unfortunately this will be another year of NicnCher missing the Un-Conference on the ...

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IM Spring Break – Work Hard, Play Hard!

SPRING BREAK! Shirts over your heads kids, here comes IM Spring Break! Coined as the Internet marketing conference with ‘real’ keynotes, this show is not ...

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Why Am I So Indecisive? Because of you?

If anyone knows me at all, they will never agree to go shopping with me. Yep, I admit it, I am a nightmare in the shops! ...

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That’s Right Kidlets! It’s SEOCON!

Just when I was beginning to come to terms with NnC’s absence from SES San Jose 2008, I’m hit between the eyes with this little ...

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So, What Was the SES NY Chat?

Besides the always amusing chat lines… there was some other rather valuable chat we happened upon during our week at Search Engine Strategies New York ...

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SES New York Pics Ready and Waiting

Omg, how many pictures can two girls take in one trip to New York Effin City?! That would be one of those retorical questions I ...

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