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House Giveaway on Twitter! Follow @pixhome

A UK entrepreneur is giving his house away on Twitter….. um, for free!? It seems that way yes, all you have to do is follow ...

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Nic n Cher n Twitter – Is there room in our twosome?

Only one way to find out: Speed blogging at it’s best.  We’re going to have a go.  Feel free to follow! Related PostsHouse Giveaway ...

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Laptops vs Flipflops: Social Networks Still on the Up

Contrary to popular belief, I have not traded in my laptop for flipflops! As much as I would like too…. Despite temperatures here above 30 ...

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Social Networking – To Much Time Spent Online?

Wow, I just had a flashback of my Dad yelling at me to get off the phone…. old habits die hard.So, is it possible to ...

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